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About Peques
  • Peques Statement

    Peques Group Vision:

    “Our vision is a world where children are allowed to unlock their inner potential, flourish from within and lead the way …...”

    Peques Group Mission:

    Our mission is to provide a safe, secure environment to meet the social, emotional & physical developmental needs of the children at our settings.

    We acknowledge that parents are the children’s primary educators and we work in partnership with them in every aspect of their early years’ education. We consider that a child’s education is not exclusive to the child’s home or school environment, and that we as parents and teachers unconsciously transmit knowledge through our actions and way of life.

    We value each of the children individually, as well as the family environment, starting with their parents. The importance of knowing our place and the role that is expected of us, be it that of teachers, parents or children forms the basis for our education and future life.

    We, as teachers, educate children to enjoy life to the fullest and to make the best of what they have. Every child brings with them their family values, beliefs and culture, we feel it is crucial to build on this with each child enabling them to feel totally accepted and valued as an individual.

    We fully acknowledge our own origins and respect the dignity of our children and their diverse customs and cultures. Only by looking at our own roots with love can we teach our children to create their own path and look towards the future with confidence.

    “The joy of life comes with the acceptance and pride of our roots.”

    — Margarita Morro Beltran
  • Moral Values

    The DfE have recently reinforced the need “to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental “British Values” of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. At Peques we acknowledge and practice these fundamental moral values which are already implicitly embedded in the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is a jewel that we have been promoting since the birth of Peques and forms an integral part of our Philosophy.

    At Peques this is the way we demonstrate the following fundamental “British Values”:


    We encourage children to know and understand their self-worth and demonstrate to them full respect for their parents, friends and teachers in order to act as role models for them to do the same. The children are encouraged to share resources with each other during free and guided play as well as sharing ideas leading to child initiated activities. We encourage our children to be inquisitive and ask questions when they are curious and need answers to fulfil their little although absorbent minds.

    Rule of Law

    Everyone needs boundaries even adults, we ensure that boundaries are set in a way that the children are able to clearly understand them. We also teach them that there certain behaviour is not allowed and that there are consequences for such behaviour. We work with the children to enforce these boundaries so that they feel involved and proud to abide by them. Tidy up time is done in a fun and playful way with singing and is part of the children’s routine.

    Individual liberty

    We provide opportunities for children to develop their self-esteem and increase their self-confidence in their appearance as well as with their abilities, for example, we plan activities around emotions and feelings and explain to the children that we are all special and unique in our own way, in our appearance and in our capabilities.  We encourage children to take supervised risks for example experimenting on obstacle courses that are set up in the garden and in the nursey as this boosts their confidence.

    We do not sanction the labelling of children in order to protect their individuality and self-esteem and therefore when we praise or discipline a child it is always the action that is praised and addressed and not the actual child.

    Mutual respect and tolerance

    As with democracy we promote full respect for each other despite, race, culture or gender whilst celebrating diversity every day as part of everyday life.  Here at Peques this is the norm as we have so many families and staff from such a wide range of different cultures that this is who we are and is a fundamental contributing factor to the Peques Culture. We teach children through role play the importance acceptance and tolerance and to accept each other for who we are without becoming upset, anxious or being actually upsetting to others.

  • Welcoming place that engages each child.

    Offering quality education since 1999

    We at Peques would like to define ourselves as having a holistic education. “Children Leading the Way” we are merely a tool to guide children and nothing else. The Statutory Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage is based on holistic education and can lead to many different ways of applying it according to its interpretation.

    We at Peques understand fully the importance of taking this Framework ALL the way and are delighted with it as this perfectly identifies us as who we are.

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    The Art of Giving & Sharing

    We teach the children the art of giving and sharing by doing activities with them where they can make muffins etc… and sing carols at Christmas to collect donations from our local neighbours and parents.  Then the teachers then take the children to the bank to deposit the money they have collected, this helps them to understand the concept of giving and sharing as they have been involved in the whole process. Peques will always match any donations that the children and staff have collected.

    Some of the Charites we get involved with are:

    -          The British Heart Foundation (This was a particular project to help a little girl)

    -          Children in Need

    -          Red Nose Day

    -          Save the Children

    -          Food Bank (We collect non-perishable items from our parents and staff for the Harvest Festival and at Christmas)

    -          Operation Rudolph (We collect wrapped gifts from our parents and staff which are labelled with a gender and size, to give the less fortunate a present a Christmas that otherwise may not receive one.)

    -          Movember (The male staff grow moustaches and collect for this charity)

    The teachers also take the older children on regular trips to the local care home, where they visit the residents and spend time with them whether it be singing, making arts and crafts or sharing with them the food they have made earlier that day. The children recently celebrated a resident’s 100th birthday where they took him a cake that they had baked along with some birthday cards. Also at Christmas the children make all the residents cards and deliver them personally.



  • Children contributing to the wider Society

    Charity Bakery Project

    We are happy to share with you all that we have finally reached the last stage of our project!! After some explanations of where the money could be sent and a visit to the Charity in North end Road, the Indigo's Group (3-5Yr Olds) have decided to donate their money to the British Heart Foundation to support a little girl. The total money collected was £74.00 which Peques will match. Soon we will receive a letter of confirmation to share with you. Thank you again for your donations and unconditional support. The children have learnt a lot, we hope to continue developing these mini projects.

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    • The Peques Way?

      We at Peques believe that children must have some control over the direction of their learning, they must be able to learn through experiences of touch, movement, listening, seeing and hearing. They must also have a relationship with other children and with material items in the world that children must be allowed to explore. We strive to give children endless ways and opportunities to express themselves and we place a great emphasis on fun and learning through play.

      The Peques way is a section of the website where you can see why children love the nursery and why parents have the confidence to place their children in our care. Take a look at the nursery school’s events diary where you will have the chance to meet other parents, within these pages you will also find photographs showing just how much children enjoy themselves, videos of activities that our skilled staff have devised to get the best out of your child’s time at the nursery.

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