• Interesting Activities

  • The foundations for the best possible education years. With a great emphasis on learning through fun and play, the nursery has some outstanding activities and routines that children of all ages and abilities follow enjoying and learning as well as laying the foundations for the best possible education. Below are some of the many wonderful activities that children participate here at Peques.

    Football Sessions

    At Peques we acknowledge the importance of physical activity as an integral part of children’s development. We have been working on a quality assurance project this year which focuses on Physical Activity in the Early Years, and out of this we have introduced weekly Football sessions for all girls and boys in the Indigo’s group (Ages 3-5) in both our London nurseries. Here are a few of the benefits:

    Improved Hand & Eye Co-Ordination

    Increased Balance

    Working together as a team

    Enhances their social skills

    The Football sessions are held on Friday mornings for Peques 1 and on Wednesday mornings for Peques 2 at Normand Park. Joint football sessions are also arranged where both nurseries will carry out the sessions together to enhance their social experience. Our in-house Football coach has over 26 years experience in coaching children from the ages of 2-16yrs both in England and Bolvia 

    Creative Dance

    Take a look at our Dance Lessons Report here

    Our Teacher has been at Peques since the year 2000 and understands what children need. She is a fully qualified contemporary dance and yoga teacher for children as well as adults and is always updating her abilities to engage with children.

    Movement is one of the ways children are able to communicate and express themselves; their ideas, feelings and emotions are just some of the concepts that children are encouraged to develop at Peques Anglo-Spanish Nursery Schools through dance. Movement is undoubtedly the best way of promoting a child’s ability as well as agility. Our creative dance lessons, given by a dedicated professional in the field, are a powerful tool for growth and strengthening individuality. Please ask for a full report on your visit to our nurseries in order to see how we achieve our development goals for your child’s age group or click on the above link.

    Sessions aim at stimulating both the creative and the analytical capabilities of the children. It is well known that there are two regions in the human brain - the right and left hemispheres which are connected and integrated. The right side is more involved with social relations, self-expression, creativity and intuition; the left area is related to awareness, analytical thinking and language. In order to promote a balanced development it is necessary to stimulate both hemispheres. Thus, lessons are orientated to enhance both the analytical and controlling functions, as well as the creative and imaginative capacities.

    Children, who are very good at grasping dance technique, sometimes find being creative and expressive more challenging, and vice versa. It is also possible to find well-rounded children with both excellent analytical abilities and creative thinking.

    The dance sessions are delivered in 4 parts: warm up, exploration, performance and appreciation and finally relaxation.


    Musiko Musika was introduced to Peques as a way of securing the development of the children’s Speech and Language skills through a musical programme specifically designed to address deficits in this critical area of Early Year’s Development and improve their long-term Personal, Social and Educational outcomes. The MusikoMusika sessions are incorporated into the children’s daily circle times and has proven to be a big success thus far. If you would like some further information please click here.

    Mandarin Sessions

    These sessions are not your everyday typical lesson; instead the language is introduced by our qualified Mandarin Teachers through the day without being formal lessons, which would structure the children something that goes against our philosophy. The Mandarin teacher follows the children's needs and interests thorough activities, having lunch, changing nappies, songs, free play interaction… giving the children a great opportunity by opening up a new window in their lives. The Mandarin teacher is at the nursery full time and moves around all the groups. Our Mandarin Teachers are all native in order to maintain that level of language and culture which is paramount when learning another language. See our section on Multilingualism and Q&A.

    Fun with IT

    We recently invested in brand new wide screen computers for all the children so each group has their own computer and we use software in English, Spanish and Mandarin.

    The key is to ensure that children have access to ICT which offers them opportunities to develop general skills and also extends their specific knowledge of that technology. Given the range of computer hardware and software now available on the educational and toy market it has become increasingly difficult to make informed choices between them.

    We use the seven principles of ICT good Practice:

    • 1 ensure an educational purpose
    • 2 encourage collaboration
    • 3 integrate with other aspects of curriculum
    • 4 ensure the child is in control
    • 5 choose applications that are transparent
    • 6 avoid applications containing violence or stereotyping
    • 7 be aware of health and safety issues.

    From their earliest years, children should be finding out about and identifying the uses of technology in their everyday lives. They should also be using computers and programmed toys to support their learning. Children need the opportunity to explore and play with computers just as they do with other forms of ICT, such as cassette recorders. This kind of play acts as the foundation for more structured use of applications later on. It means that ICT is integrated across our curriculum.

    Art and Crafts

    Art is always present in our everyday planning and is a very important activity to allow children to express themselves in different ways. Art enhances the children’s’ skills in the following: Communication, Problem-Solving, Social & Emotional and self-expression. It also expands a child's ability to interact with the world around them and provides a new set of skills for self-expression and communication. Not only does art help to develop the right side of the brain, it also cultivates important skills that benefit a child's development. But art goes far beyond the tangible statistics measured by studies and can become a crucial mode of uninhibited self-expression and amazement for a child. Art matters in the same way language matters or even in the way breathing matters! It is a fundamental component of what makes us uniquely human.

    The Art of Giving & Sharing

    We encourage all the children to give and share with one another. We promote this by holding regular charity events where the children will make muffins, cakes and sing Christmas Carols to raise money for charities such as SaveTheChildren, Red Nose Day, Children in Need and Comic Relief. The children are involved from start to finish as they are the ones to make the food, sell it, collect the money and then to take the money to the bank and bank it in to the chosen charity. This gives them a sense of achievement and an understanding of the concept of giving and sharing. Any money that the children raise for their chosen charities will be matched by Peques.

    Peques also takes regular trips to the local care home, where the children visit the residents and spend time with them whether it be singing, making arts and crafts or sharing with them the food they have made earlier that day. The children from Peques 2 recently just celebrated a residents 100th birthday where they took him a cake that they had baked along with some birthday cards.