• A curriculum for the very best possible start

    Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage

    Our Fun, Exciting and Stimulating Curriculum

    At Peques Anglo-Spanish Nursery Schools, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS, 2014).

    The Statutory Framework for the Early Year Foundation Stage. The EYFS is a statutory framework in which all early years providers must meet to ensure all children have the opportunity to flourish in their learning and development. It promotes teaching and learning to ensure children’s “school readiness” and gives children the broad range of knowledge and skills that provide the right foundation for good future progress through school and life.
    We do our educational planning for your child based on their ability. Children participate in different activities in small groups even if they belong to a bigger group, it is important for your child to feel the personalised attention. Children engage in messy play, circle-time, stories, puppet shows, computing, art, yoga/creative dance lessons, painting, drawing…etc.

    Outdoor Play & Outings

    As well as taking the children out to the garden morning and afternoon regardless of the weather, we also take the children to local parks and exciting outings. We feel it is extremely important to provide opportunities for children to take part in outings so they can further develop their knowledge. We emphasize that outings can provide many additional learning opportunities that are not always available in the indoor nursery environment. All children love to be outside and being outside in the fresh air in a natural environment, offers children opportunities to engage with the natural world, to explore and find out about it. It’s about more than physical play as there is potential to explore all areas and aspects of learning in outdoor environments.
    Some of our latest trips are: The London Aquarium, a beach trip to Littlehampton, Hackney Farm, Battersea Zoo, Deen City Farm in Merton Abbey, London Eye, Science Museum, History Museum….Most of these outings are planned around the topic of the planning at the nursery at that point. Please ask the manager to show you the pictures when you come and view our nurseries.

  • We do ask for open ended permission on the initial Registration Form to take the children out on outings although when we arrange an outing outside of the usual local walk to the park or market, then we always ask for permission to the parents as and when they occur.

    Between the ages of two & three years old, every child will has a progress check done, by their child’s key person, this progress check is a summative report which must be completed and is used as supporting evidence for the health visitor’s standard two year old check.

    Your Key Person will discuss when you would like to have the report ready for and will:

    • Set a meeting date to discuss the content of the report and record any comments that you may have.

    • Store a copy of the report in your child’s Learning Journal and a copy will be given to yourself.

    You should take this report along with you and give it to the health visitor during the two year old check.

    Assessment at the End of the EYFS the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP)

    When your child reaches five years old, the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile must be completed. This profile (Learning Journal) will be completed by the June term of your child's fifth birthday which is usually at the end of the Reception Class in Mainstream School. This profile (Learning Journal) provides information to teachers, practitioners and parents of the child's development, their understanding and abilities as well as their progression levels, ensuring that the children are ready for year one. The profile includes observations, photos, discussions with parents and carers, and any other professionals with whom the child has had contact with can also contribute. See Learning Journal for more information

    Babies & Toddlers 0-3

    The ideal environment for young children

    The earliest years of children’s education are the most important and a key part of their subsequent development, a nursery education at Peques gives parents the confidence that their child is receiving care of the very highest standard. Peques Anglo – Spanish Nursery Schools places great effort in preparing your baby and toddler with the best possible start not only through our specially designed baby room and toddler section but also with planned stimulation of all the senses through adaptation, routines and a curriculum incorporating activities that make the most out of your child’s early years education. From birth children have without doubt a great ability to learn, Peques Nurseries creates the ideal environment for your child to grow and develop.

    Through our great knowledge and experience in childcare, Peques has over time created the best possible learning structure, employing the most effective principles and practices to ensure that your child is at his happiest and most dynamic.


    Getting The Best Out of Your Child

    As time goes on children will usually progress from the Baby Room into the toddler section in the main hall of the nursery, and then make the final transition by moving to the preschool section. Here children receive the same attention as before with the added benefits of even more challenging activities through our weekly planning, enhanced routine, more freedom to express ideas and to develop physical movement and increase their knowledge and understanding of the world. This is essential in developing the mathematical, interpersonal, emotional and communicational skills that the curriculum demands thus allowing a perfect transition from a nursery to a school environment. The preschool section is geared to getting the best out of your child and preparing them for the next step in their education in a totally unique way. In a way that only a multilingual education can accomplish… the Peques way! 

    All our Pre-Schoolers have weekly footballs sessions carried out by our in House Football Coach, please click here to find out more.