• Peques Nursery Fees as of 1st April 2022

  • All children ages 3 months to 5 years


    • Full Day               8am-6pm                                     £88


    • Am session          8am-1pm                                     £57


    • Pm session           1pm-6pm                                    £54


    • Registration fee (non-refundable)                         £60


    • Deposit (refundable)*                                            £500


    • Yoga Lessons (per month)                                      £25



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  • Fees Information




    Daily fees are £88 per full day from 8am – 6pm, £57 per morning session from 8am – 1pm and £54 per afternoon session from 1pm – 6pm.

    Minimum three full days a week attendance.


    Siblings receive a 5% sibling discount on each account.

    Method of Payment

    The preferred method of payment is by standing order although we do accept cash and cheques which carry a levy of 3%. Fees are payable one month in advance on the 24th day of each calendar month before the month that they are due. Therefore as an example, 24th January payment settles the fees for the month of February and so on. Please see our full terms and conditions for more details. Please feel free to contact us if you require further information.

    Deposit & Registration Fee

    Admission to Peques is carried out through an application submitted by you as either a parent or other legal guardian of the child. Registration forms should be completed and returned to Peques along with a non-refundable registration fee of £60.00. Subject to availability, a confirmation letter is emailed to you, which shall include the date the child is due to start at Peques (“the start date”). Upon receipt of the confirmation letter, a £500 deposit is due irrespective of the start date to fully confirm the place. Should you need to withdraw the place then we require four months’ calendar notice prior to the child’s start date. Deposits may be forfeited if inadequate notice of withdrawal is given. Only one deposit is required per family and when a child leaves, the deposit is transferred to the sibling.


    Fees Include

    Breakfast, morning snack, home cooked lunch, afternoon snack and home cooked supper. Mandarin sessions, Music and Arts & Crafts are also included in the fees.

    Fees Do Not Include

    Please note parents must provide nappies, wipes and formula milk if required.
    Yoga is extra-curricular and is not included in fees. This is charged at £25 per month in advance and should be included in your standing order.

    Calculation of Fees

    Please note that fees are calculated by multiplying the weekly sessions total by the 50 weeks that we are open then divided by 12 equal installments and then rounded up to the pound. This means that although the nursery is closed for 2 weeks in December the standing order should be the same as every other month as this is already factored into the calculation.

    Registration Fee

    A non-refundable fee of £60 is payable on registration.


    The deposit is £500 irrespective of attendance. Deposits are refundable on leaving the nursery, provided one full month notice has been given in writing to the manager and there are no outstanding fees. Only one deposit is held per family and when one child leaves it is transferred to the child still in attendance.

    Childcare Vouchers

    In order to assist parents with nursery fees we accept childcare vouchers from many companies. Once you have your place confirmed please inform The Nursery Manager that you would like to submit part fees with vouchers prior to the attendance commencement date. It is advisable to check with us if we accept vouchers from your voucher provider as you might need to allow extra time for us to get through the registration process in case we do not have an active account with them.
    The governement offer a Tax Free Childcare service in order to assist parents in covering childcare costs by providing a tax relief on nursery fees. Please see following link for further information: https://www.gov.uk/tax-free-childcare

    Bank Holidays

    Bank holidays and the first working day back after Christmas which is a staff training day are fully chargeable days and cannot be compensated or refunded


    Peques Early Years Funding Policy 

    At Peques, we are registered with the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham to receive education funding from the term after a child turns three years old until the child starts school (up to the term after they turn 5). Although LBHF provides this funding for term time only (38 weeks of the school year as published by LBHF), Peques will offer the funding over the 50 weeks a year that the nursery is open. As per Peques Terms & Conditions, we do not offer term time only places or accept children who attend other settings.

    There are Two Types of Funding

    Universal Funding (15 hour)

    This funding is not means tested and available to all children of the relevant age attending the nursery for the required minimum sessions as stated in our Terms & Conditions. This funding covers term time only for a maximum 15 hours a week for 38 weeks of the school year as published by LBHF; as opposed to the 50 weeks a year that the nursery remains open.

    Extended Funding (30 hour)

    Extended funding is means tested and offers a further 15 hours on top of the Universal Funding totalling 30 hours a week and is only available to children attending the setting whose parents successfully apply to the HMRC for the additional funding and receive an eligibility code. This funding covers term time only for a maximum 30 hours a week for 38 weeks of the school year as published by LBHF; as opposed to the 50 weeks a year that the nursery remains open. To qualify for this funding the minimum weekly attendance required will be 25 hours. This is calculated as follows: 30 hours x 38 weeks / 50 weeks = 22.8hrs this is then rounded up to the nearest session as Peques only offers full day sessions @ 10 hrs per day and half day sessions @ 5hrs per day.

    Parents will need to apply online with the HMRC and if they qualify, they will receive a code that should be passed onto the nursery. Please note this code expires every THREE months and must therefore be reconfirmed with the HMRC before each parent’s individual cut-off date. It is the parent’s responsibility to check that their codes are valid by the termly deadlines for application and failure to provide this valid code will result in the nursery not being able to access funding for the child. Terms & Conditions for Both Fundings Children must attend the setting on headcount day (which is set by LBHF each term) to be eligible for the terms funding, this day can vary although usually falls in the first week of the second month of the term.

    To help parents spread childcare fees across the full year; the annual funding received per child is discounted off the child’s monthly fees and is clearly displayed on the monthly statements. The children’s monthly fees should be paid as usual by standing order one month in advance, for the relevant published monthly session rate less the relevant monthly discount.

    Peques applies the discount to the child in advance of receiving the funding from the borough at the start of each term, although the actual application is made to LBHF after headcount day. Should a child leave the setting before headcount day then all funding for that term will be withdrawn and the full published fees must be settled. Excess funding related to children leaving the nursery after headcount day but before the end of the term will be returned to LBHF. Please note funding cannot be transferred to other settings.

    Peques regrets that sessions that fall on a bank holiday or unattended days due to holidays or sickness cannot be compensated or swapped for other sessions.



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