Settling In

  • Settling In Policy

    For most children, starting nursery school is their first separation from their main carer and a major event in a child’s life. This time of transition can be stressful for both children and parents therefore we work in close partnership with the parents/carers, so that both child and parent feel supported as they work towards feeling comfortable and secure in their new setting.

    Parents are encouraged and are very welcome to call the nursery whenever they wish throughout the settling in period to maintain contact and receive updates on how their child is progressing.

    Children can only play and learn successfully if they are happy and confident. Our settling in procedure aims to assist parents/carers to help their children feel at ease at the nursery and to be confident that their parents will return at the end of their session to collect them.


    Settling In Procedure


    The parent/carer will be asked to bring the child for one hour to introduce them to the nursery and stay with them so they feel secure and can familiarise themselves with their new environment.


    This day the parent/carer will stay together with the child for one hour and then leave the child for another hour with the teachers. They will leave their contact number with the manager and stay nearby just in case the child gets upset in which case they will be contacted.  It is imperative for the parent to always say goodbye before leaving and never sneak out. Otherwise the child will not understand why they have disappeared and will get upset which will then resonate with them and they will associate being upset with their new nursery. Whilst the parent/carer is absent a member of staff will comfort and give reassurance to the child until the parent/carer returns.


    As long as the child is comfortable with the teachers and children of the group, this day they will stay for two hours between 9.30am and 11.30am without their parent/carer.


    This day the child is invited to arrive at 9.30am and stay for the whole morning session and lunch until 1pm, without the parent/carer.