• Here's to 22 years of precious memories of all the wonderful families that have graced our doors.

    We look forward to many more.

    Happy 22nd Birthday Peques❤️





    • Leading Anglo-Spanish-Mandarin nurseries in Fulham

      See for yourself why everyone is talking about our multilingual Peques Anglo-Spanish Nursery Schools, arrange a visit online now!
      Since 1999 I have seen many children passing through our nurseries and due to evolution the difference is incredible from the child of then to the child of today.
      Thanks to globalisation and the way we are living in the world children are not the same as 10 or 15 years ago. Scientific and technological changes, understanding the world as a global village where there are no boundaries in communications, the discovery of horizons that until recently were unknown and that children are recognized as citizens of the planet. Thus it is imperative to work with a professional with and for the children, enabling them to develop as whole, autonomous and capable to build their own reality as people and enhancing their skills and innate talents; skills that enable them to deal with the future as happy and fulfilled adults.
      The early years of children are central to the development of their skills, their identity and emotional security. These advantages gained in early childhood allow potential deployment which later serves as the basis to relate to their environment.

      Through the various branches of child psychology, we now know that personality, motor activity, social relationships and future trends develop during the first five years of life, the stage in which the adult child becomes auto defined.
      Therefore, it is necessary to give children a quality early childhood education where children feel and are the protagonists of their own learning. A learning taking place from the bottom of their skills and abilities, and that takes place through meaningful experiences, allowing them to relate concepts to situations.
      Our Philosophy is based on guiding children and extracting their creativity from within as opposed to inserting information into their precious little minds and just telling them what to do.
      Choosing the perfect nursery to fit your child and your aspirations as a parent is probably one of the most important decisions you will have to make in your life, and we are here to help you.
      We have Policies and Procedures in place and have an Open Door Policy. We do not restrict the hours of entry or leaving as we understand parents’ needs for flexibility.

  • What Do Our Parents Say?


    • Such an excellent nursery. The staff are fantastic and create an incredibly warm and stimulating environment for the children to flourish. It's lovely to watch all the kids who attend grow in confidence and amazing how much they gain from being in a multilingual setting. My child can now happily sing Mandarin songs, understand Spanish and is aware of and curious about different cultures which is a huge asset in today's world. We have had a very positive experience and I feel the nursery has equipped my child very well for the next stage of his education. Now I can't wait for my second child to attend!

      Peques Fulham Broadway
    • Our two daughters attended Peques and we absolutely loved the Peques experience, the attitude and
      the care and attention to the children. We heard story after story from friends that were dissatisfied
      or downright unhappy with their playschools or nurseries and we felt blessed that our children were
      safe in the wonderful Peques world.

      Lots of love Amanda
      Peques Parsons Green
    • It has been more than two years since I left Peques and started my path in primary education.
      I continue to remember my amazing time with you and I still feel so very grateful.
      With all my heart I hope everything is going well and I am sure that you will all continue to provide an excellent education to children.
      With lots of love.

      Former Pre School teacher in Peques Fulham Broadway
    • All the staff at Peques in Fulham Baptist church are warm, friendly and caring. We have visited lots of nurseries and this was by far the nicest in terms of staff caring for the children. Both my children have been going for a year and really like all the workers and have a good bond with them. The space is quite restricted as you might expect in central London but staff take the children out to the local park, the patio and allotments on site. My 4 year old english speaking daughter now can sing songs in spanish and mandarin. She also generally can understand spanish now. She has also progressed well with social skills, making lovely friends and can write and carry out other skills as part of her development. They are always organising lots of social acitivites for children and parents such as the annual summer bbq. I would thoroughly recommend Peques nursery if you are looking for a warm, caring environment for your child.

      Peques Parsons Green
    • You are truly a fantastic Nursery and such a place is only as good as the people who work there, so thank you so much to all of you.

      Peques Fulham Broadway
    • The teachers are so friendly and welcoming, they are always willing to help and ensure the children
      achieve. It’s hard to find nurseries these days with quality in care not only for children but for
      parents too. I would personally recommend Peques nursery to everyone.

      Peques Parsons Green
    • My children love coming to Peques and look forward to coming every day. The teachers are so
      warm, friendly, encouraging and hardworking. My son has food intolerances and Peques has been so
      helpful, patient and supportive. The menus look and taste delicious! Well done.

      Peques Parsons Green
    • Thank you for my Daughters wonderful birthday today - the children were just gorgeous and made
      her feel so special singing in Spanish. Beautiful cake and huge effort by the teachers, just so grateful
      you made this happen for her. Thank you xx

      Peques Fulham Broadway
    • Such wonderful food made with the children’s health and diet in mind. I’m always impressed by
      the variety of food, as well as very happy to take any that is offered to me. My son eats things at
      Peques that he would not eat at home…. Maybe it is the wonderful teachers that help him to eat such a

      Peques Parsons Green
    • Peques Parsons Green 10th Anniversary - It was a wonderful and fun time. I can say that's why my son always come home with new things he learned for he really enjoys it here and I wish a longer and happier more years to come! Good luck and well done!

      Peques Parsons Green
    • Peques Dawes Rd is an amazing nursery. We have been impressed with the quality of care. When we
      first saw Peques after visiting over 10 nurseries, we were impressed from the first moment. Our son
      was the centre of all attention, and every member of the team seemed caring and welcoming. We
      were not disappointed

      Patricia and Family
      Peques Parsons Green
    • I really want to thank you Peques for today’s parents Christmas lunch. My son and I had a great time and I can see that he really belongs here, so happy and comfortable. From the bottom of my heart thank you to all the wonderful staff at Peques.

      Peques Fulham Broadway
    • I want to mention how impressed my husband and I are with Peques. The Baby Room staff seem really experienced and in tune with the children. I was especially impressed with the affection and bond that they have with the babies.
      It really is a good feeling to know that one’s child is taken care of so well. A specially thanks to Soraya at Head Office as well who has been so accommodating and professional!

      Tumi K
      Peques Fulham Broadway
    • Peques, thank you for everything. I can truly say that my children now speak three languages with a great start in life, the love and affection together with the professionalism of the staff is second to none.
      It is not surprising that Peques Nurseries are OUTSTANDING. We love you Peques and we will never forget you.

      Martha & Cris
      Peques Parsons Green
    • The reason I chose Peques was due to the warm environment and because children are treated like
      children. The food is simply amazing, very well organised healthy and balanced. Thank you for giving
      me security and my daughter a safe and loving place to attend every day.

      Peques Fulham Broadway
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