About us

25 Years Nurturing an International Generation


Peques was established in September 1999 as a small sessional nursery in Fulham. Since then it has grown into two settings and pursues a policy of progressive improvement, evolving with the times. Both nurseries are multilingual full day care facilities delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage in English, Spanish and Mandarin, whilst practicing the same ethos and philosophy.

“Our vision is a world where children are encouraged to unlock their inner potential, flourish from within and lead the way ……”

Children are protagonists of their own future, we as teachers are merely their facilitators.

Our mission is to provide a safe, secure environment to meet the social, emotional & physical developmental needs of the children at our settings.

We acknowledge that parents are the children’s primary educators and we work in partnership with them in every aspect of their early years’ education.

We consider that a child’s education is not exclusive to the child’s home or school environment and therefore take a holistic approach to include all aspects of their learning experiences.

We fully acknowledge our own origins and respect the dignity of our children and their diverse customs and cultures. Only by looking at our own roots with love, can we teach our children to create their own path and look towards the future with confidence.

The joy of life comes with the acceptance and pride of our roots.

The Owners Story


‘Since 1999 I have seen many children passing through our nurseries and due to evolution the difference is incredible from the child of then to the child of today.


Thanks to globalisation and the way we are living in the world today, children are not the same as 10 or 15 years ago.


This is as a direct effect of scientific and technological changes, understanding of the world as a global village where there are no boundaries in communications, the discovery of horizons that until recently were unknown and that children are recognized as citizens of the planet. As professionals it is imperative to work alongside the children, enabling them to develop as whole, autonomous and capable to build their own reality as people and enhancing their skills and innate talents; skills that enable them to deal with the future as happy and fulfilled adults.


The early years of children are central to the development of their skills, their identity and emotional security.


Through the various branches of child psychology, we now know that personality, motor activity, social relationships and future trends develop during the first five years of life, the stage in which the adult child becomes auto defined.


Therefore, it is necessary to give children a quality early childhood education where children feel and are the protagonists of their own learning.


Our Philosophy is based on guiding children and extracting their creativity from within as opposed to inserting information into their precious little minds and just telling them what to do.

Choosing the perfect nursery to fit your child and your aspirations as a parent is probably one of the most important decisions you will have to make in your life, and we are here to help you..’


Margarita Morro Beltran