Our Social Impact

Nursery with Purpose!

At Peques, in addition to providing loving care and quality education, we are also committed to a greater cause.

We believe in equal access to safe and stimulating environments for all children, regardless of their social economic background.

That’s why we have a unique donation campaign. Every donation received will go directly to a legal support initiative for parents affected by injustice in prisons in Bolivia.

Join us today and be part of positive change in our fight against injustice!.

The Impact of Adequate Legal Defence

Imagine the case of a young woman sentenced to 30 years in prison for taking her father’s life, who had subjected her to years of abuse. Without legal representation, and with her child living in prison. Is this fair? At Peques, we are committed to making a real difference in the lives of these people, especially children.

Thanks to the generous contributions of our Peques families and other like-minded companies, we will be able to establish an office, cover services, and ensure sustainable legal advice. Every donation, no matter how small, makes a real difference.

My name is Margarita Morro Beltran, owner and founder of “Peques Anglo-Spanish Nursery Schools”.

I am also a transformational therapist and I have dedicated almost 2 years of my life to working with people who have faced convictions without a fair legal process. My specialty is addressing the psychological and emotional needs of these individuals, as well as assessing their ability to reintegrate into society after gaining their freedom. But without adequate legal representation, how can these people have a fair chance?

Your contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference.

“ By coming together to support the community, we strengthen the social fabric and build a future where we can all thrive together”

– Let’s build Communities without borders –

Margarita Morro

Now we invite you to watch this video where you can observe this reality more closely.

Click below if you want to join this cause to achieve justice for these people.